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4th July 2022

Profile: Tomas Callan

[Extract from the social pages, 2nd of Nieumor, XIX Tor. A report on a new year’s ball attended by a number of senior civic dignitaries and officers]

…Also making a debut appearance within the high town’s social circle, was a newly appointed officer of Rivertop’s investigators, Tomas Callan. Callan and his wife, Idony, are relatively newly arrived in the precinct. The┬ápair make a tolerably handsome, and well-mannered, addition to our society, although the new investigator will perhaps need to refine his dress sense for such formal occasions, before he attends many more of them. His simple, some might say austere, formal coat was out of keeping with the tone of the evening, although our correspondent reports that there was a certain flutter among the ladies present, as a consequence of what were said to be Callan’s attractive facial features.

In particular, attention was drawn by the scarring on the cheek below his left eye which, it was said, lent his features a distinctive charm. It must be said that the appeal was lost on our correspondent. But the wound, which according to rumour was incurred in the line of duty, certainly does not seem to have deterred Idony Callan, the investigator’s demurely attractive spouse. She made a far more striking impression on the assembled guests. Radiant where her husband was understated, and dressed to almost the height of Rivertop fashion, her charm was only enhanced by a becoming humility in the company of her social betters.

It will surprise no regular reader of these pages┬áthat the same charming reticence was not present in a rather more familiar habitual of the social scene. Lord Kerton ensured that his late arrival was marked by all those present, as he collided with a waiter on his entry to the ballroom…

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