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20th May 2022

Breaking news: Curious markings appear on precinct walls

In what can only be described as both a literal and metaphorical stain on our precinct’s civic pride, your correspondent is saddened to report that mysterious markings have been found painted this morning on a number of our most prominent buildings. The symbols, which have already besmirched the walls of buildings in Car Peronel and Braed Tor, have now also come to our own fair precinct. Pressed for a comment, Arch-Investigator Victor Appelsin indicated that it was too early to speculate about what these symbols might mean, or why they were spreading across the precincts of Askuria like a disfiguring pox.

The marking (pictured above, as copied from an exterior wall of the central semaphore post) appears to be a stylised version of the number seven. The markings seem to have been painted during the hours of curfew, and thus there were no witnesses to the disgusting vandalism of our public buildings. Your correspondent trusts that this unpleasant phase will soon have passed, but rests assured that with the diligence of the local investigators (for whom we all contribute a healthy stipend annually) the perpetrators will soon be brought to justice in any case.

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