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4th July 2022

Writing: 75% of readers can’t be wrong

Last year, I entered The Seventh Colour into The Wishing Shelf Book Awards. These awards have been running since 2014. Unusually, they also offer an opportunity for authors to get detailed feedback on their work from a pool of genuine readers.

I have now had my feedback , and it was great! There were a range of positive comments. The overall summary described the book as “[a] compelling fantasy adventure packed full of surprising twists.” I was also particularly pleased to get detailed insight into the elements that the readers most enjoyed. Of the 16 who reviewed it, a majority (10) considered that the book’s plotting was its greatest strength. The other 6 preferred the characterisation in the story. Since these were both elements that I had put a lot of thought and effort into, that was great to see.

Best of all, though, was the statistic that 75% of the readers would read another book by the same author. The same number also said that they would recommend the book to another reader. For a writer, hearing this sort of endorsement is fantastic. It’s amazing to know that readers have responded positively to what I have done. Not only that, they would also recommend my work to others! Roll on the planned series!

The Seventh Colour may not have been successful in the competition on this occasion, but for me, reading that positive feedback and encouragement certainly made me feel like a winner!

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