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20th May 2022

About the Author

Will Davidson is a writer. He is (give or take a month or two) the same age as the original Star Wars movie, but without the benefit of George Lucas coming along a couple of decades ago to give him a facelift. He grew up in various exotic locales, including Earthsea, Middle Earth, Pern, the Discworld and (when he absolutely couldn’t avoid it) England.

Will’s first novel The Seventh Colour, was self-published in April 2017 and was well-received critically and by members of the public. The book is available in paperback and ebook versions and can be bought by clicking on the ‘Buy the Book‘ link above. He has also had a short audio story (set in the same realm of Askuria in which the book is set) published by R B Wood’s ‘The Word Count’ podcast. He is currently working on the sequel to The Seventh Colour and further information about that will be published on this website in due course.


That’s probably about it. Will is on Twitter and Facebook, and you can contact him via either if you want to make contact – despite the impression this page may have given, he is really quite normal and┬áloves to hear from fellow fans of fantasy writing, books generally, technology and science fiction franchises.

He looks forward to hearing from you.