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20th May 2022


Profile: Victor Appelsin

The recent incidents of vandalism across Rivertop and further afield (reported previously) have drawn comment from the usually reticent Victor Appelsin, Arch-Investigator for the precinct and a man who usually prefers to keep his own counsel on matters of a political nature. Appelsin has perhaps betterĀ reasons than most for shunning the public gaze. Crippled in

Profile: Tomas Callan

[Extract from the social pages, 2nd of Nieumor, XIX Tor. A report on a new year’s ball attended by a number of senior civic dignitaries and officers] …Also making a debut appearance within the high town’s social circle, was a newly appointed officer of Rivertop’s investigators, Tomas Callan. Callan and his wife, Idony, are relatively