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20th May 2022


Writing: “A non-medieval fantasy world”

Here’s an interview I did recently on the Fane of Fantasy YouTube channel. I’m talking with fantasy author Jesper Schmidt about some of the ideas that shaped my fictional realm of Askuria. I really enjoyed the chance to talk about this side of my world-building. Do get in touch with your thoughts!

Writing: 75% of readers can’t be wrong

Last year, I entered The Seventh Colour into The Wishing Shelf Book Awards. These awards have been running since 2014. Unusually, they also offer an opportunity for authors to get detailed feedback on their work from a pool of genuine readers. I have now had my feedback , and it was great! There were a

Writing: The year in review

What a year. To think that this time last year, my book had been read by only a couple of trusted readers, had no cover and existed only in an electronic format on my computer’s hard drive, from which it was glaring at me reproachfully! From the launch in April this year, the popularity of

Writing: returning to Askuria

The last few months have been an exciting time, as I watched the novel that I have been working so hard on for so long be released into the world. I was understandably delighted by the way that it has been received – despite the pre-publication feedback that I had got from readers I didn’t

The Seventh Colour is on sale

After quite some time of building up to this moment, I am delighted to be able to confirm that The Seventh Colour is now on sale, in paperback and kindle editions. Both editions are exclusively available to purchase from Amazon – please click this link for further details, or go to the Amazon website in

Writing: the calm before the storm

It’s a strange experience. For the first time in a very very long time, I have nothing to do on my book. The cover is completed – indeed thanks to the proof delivery service from Amazon’s Createspace, a physical copy of the book is actually sitting next to me on my bookshelf as I type

Writing: a few days of landmarks

Just a short post, this one, but I wanted to commemorate a few key landmarks in my journey to publication that have taken place this week. Firstly, I had a really productive meeting with my cover designer, and he showed me the concepts that he has been working on. It was an exhilarating discussion, seeing

Writing: the finish line is in sight

The publishing process is an interesting and, for me, a novel experience. Particularly because I am having to slot it in amongst a number of other things. I am full-time at my paid job, which often spills over into evenings – what free time I have after that, family commitments and so on, is split

Writing: the story so far…

Welcome to the site. If you were looking for the old WordHenge site, you will have noticed that there have been quite a few changes! I have given the site an overhaul to focus it more on my first novel, coming out soon, called The Seventh Colour. In its new guise the site will be