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20th May 2022

News: Cultural Update

Rivertop may not be able to equal some of the more substantial precincts in the range of its theatres and performances, but we are still able to attract the capital’s top talent when their touring productions are travelling in this part of the realm. The Royal Theatre has recently been pleased to announce just such a new production, The Warrior King, by CS, fresh from a sell-out run in Yendle and making its way to Rivertop before returning in triumph to Car Peronel.

Like all loyal citizens, your humble correspondent will be delighted to attend (being fortunate enough to have secured critic’s tickets for the opening night) and bask in this well constructed tale of the realm’s noble battle against the forces of darkness which beset us both from across our borders and at home. While one does not generally sully this column with political observations, the themes of the piece do resonate all the more strongly with the current border uncertainties with Emblallin, a fact which may account in part for the piece’s popularity – in addition to the undoubted quality of the writing, as is to be expected when the playwrights are drawn from the Council of Style’s own panel.

On that subject, and in what might loosely be termed other “cultural” news, the opera house will be seeing a short run of a new operatic production – a vanity project by one Lias Nefflor – entitled¬†Thonthiel’s Farewell. No doubt the good citizens of Rivertop will do their duty to the arts by attending, but your correspondent makes no doubt that the attendance will be a chore rather than a pleasure…

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