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20th August 2022

Writing: the finish line is in sight

The publishing process is an interesting and, for me, a novel experience. Particularly because I am having to slot it in amongst a number of other things. I am full-time at my paid job, which often spills over into evenings – what free time I have after that, family commitments and so on, is split between a number of activities. On the one hand, I am in the process of producing the first rough draft of a sequel to the Seventh Colour, the second of what is planned to be a complete sequence of seven stories that I have plotted out in high-level terms. Moving from that creative space to working on fine-tuning of type-faces or page layouts, or questions of promotion and distribution, proves to be quite a challenge.

Something that I think may help, on the writing side, is that I am going to start experimenting with digital dictation. I have installed and trained the software, so now I just need to start using it to produce my draft. I am hoping that this will ease the transition which I am otherwise having to make between the creative mind and the editorial mind.

But it is an exciting experience as well. As each element slots into place and is finalised, I start to see the shape of what my book will be. A big step, yet to be completed, is the book’s cover – I have ideas┬ábut I am no artist and so that is the hands of a very good friend. As soon as that design element is locked in, rest assured I will be putting it up on the website, and then we really will be on the final stretch to publication.

As someone who has run a half marathon (albeit only once), I know how easy it is to lose energy, or to stumble, in this final few steps to the finish line. But I am determined to get there, and I hope you will join me on that journey!

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