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20th August 2022

Writing: a few days of landmarks

Just a short post, this one, but I wanted to commemorate a few key landmarks in my journey to publication that have taken place this week. Firstly, I had a really productive meeting with my cover designer, and he showed me the concepts that he has been working on. It was an exhilarating discussion, seeing some of my ideas taking shape in his sketches, and the visual identity of my world taking shape. It was also great to hear from him that he had read the book and was eager to know when the sequel would be written!

Buzzing from that discussion, I came back home and blitzed through importing the final chapters of the book into the template that I have been provided for the print on demand service that I am using. Now, once the cover is complete, there will be nothing left to do other than actually uploading and submitting the completed book. This is also the first time I have actually seen my story laid out on actual book pages which was a pretty amazing moment.

The third landmark was receiving back the short promo video that I had commissioned for social media – introducing a theme which I shall be picking up elsewhere on this site (on an “In World” post) which is going to be important in the book. I posted the gig on Fiverr, and within a couple of days had the completed video back. I will be using that as promotion for the book ramps up over the next few weeks.

Anyway – exciting times!

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