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20th May 2022

Terrific early reaction to the book

It’s been a fantastic first few weeks for the book, following its release on Amazon worldwide in mid-April. Thanks so much if you have already bought the book and contributed to its early success.

Initial reader reactions have been very positive and in addition to the comments from friends and family it has been really pleasing to see the first few reader reviews posted on Amazon. At the time of writing the book has an average score of more than four stars on Amazon UK, and readers have¬†described it as a “pretty damn good book” and said that “the twists of the plot kept me engaged through to the unexpected end.”

If anything, though, I was most excited to get my first “professional” review, from Black Gate Magazine no less. The highlights for me were their description of the book as “a heist story, with conspiracies and betrayals and unreliable narrators telling just enough to keep the reader guessing at the next revelation” and their description of the result as “truly compelling”.

It’s almost enough to make me want to buy the book myself, if I hadn’t already. If you haven’t bought it yet, you can find it on Amazon globally by searching for “The Seventh Colour Will Davidson”, but if you are in the UK or US there are further details and more links on my Buy the Book page. ¬†If you try it and enjoy it, please let me know, and please post your own review on Amazon or Goodreads. Who knows, I might be quoting your comments in a future update!

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