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20th May 2022

Profile: Victor Appelsin

The recent incidents of vandalism across Rivertop and further afield (reported previously) have drawn comment from the usually reticent Victor Appelsin, Arch-Investigator for the precinct and a man who usually prefers to keep his own counsel on matters of a political nature. Appelsin has perhaps betterĀ reasons than most for shunning the public gaze. Crippled in an accident in which he also lost his wife some years ago in Car Peronel, he continues to bear scars both physical and mental from that episode. One cannot speak with him for any length of time without being conscious of an air of grief and reticence which (while never unbecoming) nevertheless does not fit the man well for social interaction.

Nevertheless, your correspondent was able to obtain a short interview with the Arch-Investigator this week and pressed him for a response to the troubling issue of the defacement of public buildings, including the Investigators’ own armoury. Appelsin’s response was customarily abrupt: “We have investigations underway. You may rest assured that it is being treated with all the priority that it deserves”. His scruples do him credit, of course. It would not be proper to say more about what, we make no doubt, is a large and wide-ranging investigation into this most serious of matters. But it was typical of the man to say more than absolutely needful to convey his point and our discussion was very shortly afterwards drawn to a conclusion.

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