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20th May 2022


Editorial: What’s the point of a villain?

I was recently very lucky to be invited to contribute a guest post to the Dark Lord Journal blog. I thought it would be a good opportunity to discuss an aspect of my world-building I haven’t touched on before. It’s all too easy for characters and writers alike to fixate on a central villain. Check

Editorial: Fans and Fantasy?

The Seventh Colour has been in print for a while now. I have been really grateful for all of the positive feedback and comments that it has received but it has, of course, had its share of constructive criticism. One of the things that a number of people have commented on is that they bought

Merry Christmas!

To those of you who are regular visitors to the site, and to those of you who are first time visitors, thank you so much for your interest in my writing and I hope you have a wonderful festive season, however you choose to celebrate it. Some of you will already be owners of The Seventh

A new review, from the BFS no less!

The British Fantasy Society has now published their review of The Seventh Colour. The full review is here, but highlights include: “Will Davidson writes with a controlled, descriptive style that draws the reader into the narrative through its very economy…” “…a new restatement of the old, old story of political repression… The resonances with our

Terrific early reaction to the book

It’s been a fantastic first few weeks for the book, following its release on Amazon worldwide in mid-April. Thanks so much if you have already bought the book and contributed to its early success. Initial reader reactions have been very positive and in addition to the comments from friends and family it has been really

Editorial: judging a book by its cover

I am very excited to be able to confirm that the release date for the Kindle and Paperback editions of The Seventh Colour is 11 April 2017 – and also to be able to show you a sneak peak of the cover of the book. The cover design shows the city of Car Peronel, capital

Editorial: Let’s keep in touch

As I have been writing elsewhere on the site, there are now only a few remaining elements to slot into place, before the publication of The Seventh Colour can proceed. People have been asking me how they can keep up to date on progress, and details of the publication date and where the book can

Editorial: This is the news

Welcome to the Rivertop Report. All the news and comment about the precinct of Rivertop, and the wider realm of Askuria. Sometimes there will be news about the characters to be found around the town, or reports about the history of the wider world. These characters and locations will soon be found within the novel