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20th May 2022

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Click here to buy the book reviewers are calling a “truly compelling” fantasy thriller which is “intelligent, amusing yet challenging”.

The last dragon has been killed. A mighty victory has been won. The boy king Bereland is enthroned in triumph even as the elves finally make their last journey into the west. This is how the story ends… isn’t it?

The British Fantasy Society reviewed The Seventh Colour, describing it as “an excellent tale which describes, excites and pulls the reader all the way through to the final denouement”. The review has particularly focused on the up-to-the-minute political themes: “resonances with our own times are plain… This is good writing, intelligent, amusing yet challenging on what is a very relevant subject.”

Black Gate Magazine also published a review shortly after the book’s publication, commenting that “The Seventh Colour is essentially a heist story, with conspiracies and betrayals and unreliable narrators telling just enough to keep the reader guessing at the next revelation, at what’s true and what’s not.” Their review described the result as “…truly compelling”.

More recently, The Wishing Shelf Awards have described the book as a “compelling fantasy adventure packed full of surprising twists”, with individual readers from the panel of 16 who reviewed the book saying that they “Loved it!”, that it had “a very clever premise” and “OOH! This was really wonderful. A bit of an epic in fact.” 12 out of the 16 readers would recommend the book to another reader.

Other readers have also appreciated the unique fusion of political mystery, thriller and traditional fantasy. Flasheart2006 said “…the setting’s cool, the story’s cool. And the characters are amazing!” and MisterMike said that the story “…keeps you enthralled to the end.”

The Seventh Colour, by Will Davidson, is now on sale exclusively via Amazon:

If you are in the UK, click here to order the paperback edition from Amazon UK, or here to order the kindle edition.

If you are in the US, the links are here for the paperback edition and here for the kindle edition via Amazon.com

If you read and enjoy the book, please do post a review on Amazon, to let others know about it. Thanks!